Describe the political, economic, and social changes that occurred during Reconstruction. 

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Reconstruction was a dynamic period in American history. Politically, Republicans made massive gains as people associated the Democratic party with secession, though many urban areas, such as New York, remained Democratic. Union army veterans became a reliable voting bloc for the Republican Party, and they pressured Congress for pensions for their service. African American males won the right to vote in 1870, with the Fifteenth Amendment, though they were kept away from the polls in the South by the Ku Klux Klan and other terrorist groups. Despite efforts to keep them away, black men in many Southern locations still voted for their pre-war leaders, with Alexander Stevens of Georgia being a prime example of a former Confederate who was able to return to Congress after the war.

Economically, many former slaves moved north in order to find jobs. The West also enjoyed an emigration boom as railroad construction increased, making it easier for people to move west for homesteading, mining, or...

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