Describe the political corruption of the Grant Administration.  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No American presidential administration suffered more corruption charges than that of Ulysses S. Grant. Grant himself was guilty of nepotism (more than 40 family members were appointed), perjury (Whiskey Ring scandal), and unwise choices of unqualified cabinet members. Virtually every department was beset with corruption, including the departments of State, Justice, Interior, War, Navy, Treasury and even the Post Office. Grant ran his administration in a military style, giving secret orders and often never consulting his cabinet before making important decisions. Below is a summary of the scandals that beset his administration.

  • Black Friday gold speculation, 1869
  • New York custom house ring, 1872
  • Star Route Postal Ring, 1872
  • Salary grab (retro payments for Congressmen), 1872
  • John Sanborn contract
  • Columbus Delano bribery affair (Interior secretary), 1875
  • Pratt & Boyd bribery affair (involving Attorney General George Williams), 1875
  • Whiskey Ring, 1876
  • Trading Post Ring (involving Secretary of War William Belknap), 1876
  • Cattelism (involving Secretary of Navy George Robeson), 1876
  • Safe Burglary Conspiracy, 1876