Describe the 'political agenda' of the British Red Cross?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems as if the political agenda of the British Red Cross is attempting to build an international base of awareness.  Along with this, the organization is stressing an aspect of corporate advocacy as part of the solution to the problems outlined in the previous post.  The organization is stressing the need for donations from both public and private sources.  Part of its political agenda would be to forceful on this end, given the current economic challenges.  Another component of its political agenda is to increase the partnership between the organization and media outlets in order to disseminate information and increase awareness.  The British Red Cross believes that there has to be a greater level of convergence between news and relief organizations in delivering needed resources and information in a timely and immediate manner.  This increase in advocacy on the communication level is another part of its political agenda.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British Red Cross, like other branches of the Red Cross internationally, is not primarily a political organization.  Instead, its main mission is to offer humanitarian assistance to people who are experiencing various kinds of difficulties.

To the extent that the British Red Cross has a political agenda, it urges governments and political parties to support its work.  As you can see in the attached link, the group went to the recent party conferences to advocate for various things including:

  • More international humanitarian aid
  • Promoting volunteerism
  • Expanding the system of offerring asylum to refugees
mkcapen1 | Student

The role of the British Red Cross is to provide support and help to persons no matter who they are.  Support is provided all around the world wherever it is needed.  Areas of support include emergencies caused by natural disasters, health management, disaster preparation, education, finding missing family members, and support for war torn nations.  They are a world affiliated Red Cross that interconnects with other national Red Cross' when necessary.  It is their intent to pool together resources in order to be able to come to the aid of people.

The British Red Cross as a political movement maintains a focus on wartime relief and for;

"the improvement of health, the prevention of disease, and the mitigation of suffering throughout the world".