Describe the plot structure in "How I Met My Husband".

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The plot structure is a narrative told from the future about the past. This means that the events in the narrative, occupying the "present" moment, are a reminiscence told by the narrator as a grown woman, from some future time in her life, about events that happened in her past when she was fifteen. The plot can be described in terms of Freytag's pyramid plot structure, with exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Occurrences follow a generally chronological progression, but flashback is used to give background:

I was fifteen and away from home for the first time. My parents had made the effort and sent me to high school for a year, but I didn't like it. ... Dr. Peebles' ... wife was looking for a girl to help. ... [W]orking there ... [I] was feeling half hungry all the time. I used to bring ... a box of doughnuts ... but I thought I better bind [the children] to secrecy.

The flashback helps initiate the rising action, which commences after the flashback: "the...

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