Describe the plans for Reconstruction offered by Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Congress. What was the goal of each plan? How did each plan propose to accomplish its goal?

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Lincoln, Johnson, and the "Radical Republicans" in Congress offered three unique visions for the Reconstruction process following the Civil War. Although specific goals were unique to each position, the ultimate aim was to reunite the states while advancing the overall well-being of American society.

Abraham Lincoln's proposal had three primary points:

1. A blanket pardon for those who had supported the Confederate States of America provided they pledged future allegiance to the Union and the elimination of slavery within the United States. Ten percent of eligible voters were required to swear allegiance in order to meet this qualification.

2. Any new state to be admitted to the Union must outlaw slavery.

3. Freed slaves were not given legal protection following their emancipation.

Ultimately, Lincoln's plan provided some flexibility...

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