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Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens
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Describe Pip's treatment of Magwitch in his home. Compare this to the way the younger Pip treated the convict on the marshes. How has Pip changed?

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In Chapter 39, Magwitch comes back to London and finds Pip.  Pip is horrified that this convict is the source of this money that he has been enjoying these past years.  But he still treats Magwitch well.  He ends up taking care of him and trying to help him escape.

When Pip met Magwitch in the marshes at the start of the book, Pip is simply terrified.  He helps Magwitch, but only out of fear.

So Pip has changes.  Partly he is just older and cannot be so easily frightened (so he does not act out of fright).  But he has also changed in that now he is concerned with his status.  He does not want people to know that it has come about because of a gift from a convict.

So Pip has changed by growing up but also by having more of the attitudes of a high class person.

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