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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip's first visit (presumably to Miss Havisham and Estella) can be summed up in two words: awkward and intimidating.

Estella is the first to greet Pip, and although she is his age, she acts much older than he.  She calls him "boy" throughout the visit and is generally cold, aloof, and snobby.  Pip later says of her, "I think she is proud."  They play cards and she makes fun of the way he says "jacks" instead of "knaves."  Throughout the visit though, Pip is constantly questioning himself and regretting the things he says and does because, as he also admits, he thinks Estella is pretty.

Meanwhile, the entire house is just plain weird.  Miss Havisham is an old woman, dressed in an old wedding dress.  To call her eccentric would be mild.  The house is huge and completely unkept.  She also treats Pip like a child, and acts all the while sort of freakishly amused by him.  Throughout the encounter though, there is certainly an air that something is not right.  She is shifty, and there is certainly a feeling that she cannot be trusted.

Basically, you end up just feeling sorry for Pip the entire time.  His inexperience and pure heart make him an easy target for this female snobbery and secrecy.  Ultimately, you will find out there is definitely more going on  that explains both Estella's and Miss Havisham's behavior.

capricorn377 | Student

It was sort of insulting and rude. She wasn’t very inviting and could care less whether he was a guest in her house or not. She is prideful and snobby towards him.

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