Describe Pip's first meeting with the convict and his consequent suffering until he runs away with the food for the convict on the marshes.

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When Pip first meets Magwitch in the marshes as a young boy,  he is terrified at the sight of a man with a leg iron.  The convict threatens Pip and demands that he bring him a file and food.

Pip is so frightened of Magwitch, believing that he will kill him, if he does not obey, that he takes great risks at home, stealing food from Mrs. Joe's pantry.  It is important to note, that Pip also feels great compassion for the hungry man in the marshes.

Pip's suffering begins immediately, because as he tries to save his food portion for Magwitch, his sister thinks that he is gulping his food and therefore administers a dose of tar-water, as well as a stern beating.

"The feeling of guilt has an unsettling effect on Pip. He cannot sleep; he cannot think of anything but his promise to steal for the convict."

"Pip firmly believes that he is definitely on his way to join the convicts on the Hulks because he asks questions; even worse, in the morning he is planning to steal."


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