A Worn Path Questions and Answers
by Eudora Welty

A Worn Path book cover
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Describe Phoenix in "A Worn Path".

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Phoenix is the main character in this story.  She is a black woman who seems to be getting quite old.  She is old enough that the walk to town is no longer easy.  She walks in small steps and uses a cane.  She is old enough that, when she falls in the ditch, she is not able to get out on her own and has to stay there until the white hunter comes and helps her out of the ditch.

Mentally, she is also getting pretty old.  For example, she imagines that there is a boy giving her a piece of cake.

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epollock | Student

Phoenix, the principal character of "A Worn Path," is a poor, aging black woman who is experiencing the onset of the afflictions of age (loss of memory, inflexible and arthritic joints, imaginings) while maintaining an indomitable spirit in the face of the hopeless nature of her own plight and that of her grandson. Her character is an intimate portrait that reminds a reader of the focus upon herself up to her appearance in the medical office is a story of hope and faith. After that section, the story becomes more dramatically focused upon her because she is seen objectively and dramatically (and distantly) by the attendants.