Who is the person who occupies Santiago's mind in The Alchemist?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Santiago’s mind is occupied by a girl he met in a village he passed through before.

Santiago is a wanderer.  His purpose is to travel.  All he cares about is visiting different places and caring for his sheep.  He is deeply in tune to their needs, and he talks to them.

But for the past few days he had spoken to them about only one thing: the girl, the daughter of a merchant who lived in the village they would reach in about four days. (1)

When he had met the girl, he spent some time with her.  He told her about his life, and his travels.  He enjoyed talking to someone other than his sheep.  When the merchant returned, that was it.

He recognized that he was feeling' something he had never experienced before: the desire to live in one place forever. With the girl with the raven hair, his days would never be the same again. (1)

He had not thought of any other woman since.  After returning to the village, he meets a gypsy fortune teller and tells her about his dream of a child who led him to treasure in the Egyptian pyramids, and an old man who tells him about Personal Legends.

When Santiago meets the King of Salem, he decides to pursue his Personal Lengend.