Describe the people of Maycomb County in one sentence.

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The people of Maycomb County are externally magnanimous individuals who are internally flawed.

This single sentence sums up the majority of the Maycomb County community members. The small country town of Maycomb has its fair share of caring, helpful, and honorable individuals who comprise the majority of the population. The people of Maycomb display their willingness to help their neighbors by attempting to recover furniture during Miss Maudie's house fire. Scout references several business owners who are willing to barter with poorer families in Maycomb who don't have the money to pay for services. Socializing on Sundays and attending community functions is commonplace in Maycomb County. The neighborly community members of Maycomb are quick to lend a helping hand and selflessly become involved when others are in need of assistance. Boo Radley, who is an outcast in Maycomb's society, even displays his willingness to help Scout and Jem when they are attacked by Bob Ewell.

However, internally the people of Maycomb harbor feelings of racism that is expressed through their prejudice towards African Americans. Racial segregation is evident throughout the county. The black community lives in separate quarters away from the white community. African Americans attend a different church, and their children do not get to attend the white school. White community members use racial slurs and openly discriminate against African Americans throughout the novel. The most obvious example of Maycomb's prejudice is the conviction of an innocent black man because of his skin color. Miss Gates, a white school teacher, even displays her internally flawed views of black people by showing compassion towards the treatment of Jews, while openly supporting the prosecution of innocent Tom Robinson. The contrasting relationship between the moral and immoral aspects of the people in Maycomb portray the duality of human nature that can be found in each of us.

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