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Describe the people of Australia.

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There are many ways in which to describe the people of Australia.

One of the most common ways to think about people is by their race.  The original Australians were, of course, the Aboriginal Australians.  These were very dark-skinned people.  They constitute only a very small percentage of Australia’s population today.  About 1% of the population is aboriginal with 7% being Asian and 92% white.  The white portion of Australia’s population has come from many different countries.  The majority are of British or Irish descent, but many other countries, notably Italy, Germany, and Greece are represented.

Another way to think about people is by their religion.  Australians are, for the most part, Christian.  About 27% describe themselves as Protestant and another 25% call themselves Catholic and 10% are other kinds of Christian.  Since about 30% say they are not religious, the vast majority of religious people in Australia are Christian.

Finally, we can say that the vast majority of Australians are city dwellers.  Although Australia has rural areas that are large in size, they are very sparsely populated and 89% of Australians live in urban areas.

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