Describe the party in Paul Zindel's The Pigman.  

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The party starts in chapter 13, but Mr. Pignati is not there because he is in the hospital recovering from a minor heart attack. John and Lorraine really cross some lines by holding a party at his house without permission. Not only that, but John has Dennis bring alcohol! Then, even though John tells Dennis not to invite Norton, word gets out and he shows up anyway. Actually, more people than expected show up because a girl named Jane Appling invites a bunch of friends over who had planned to go to a church dance. They even have a real band playing, and they move the furniture out of the living room to make a dance floor.

Next, the roller skates are brought out and John starts skating all over the place. Melissa Dumas gets out Lorraine's pair of skates without asking her and starts skating around, too. At 10:30 Norton shows up and the girls start trying on Mrs. Pignati's dresses. Within a half an hour, Norton seems to have disappeared, and John finds him stealing an oscilloscope. In an effort to escape, Norton punches John in the stomach and runs.

When John comes down, Mr. Pignati is pulling up in a taxi and Norton starts breaking the pig collection. John physically forces Norton to the ground to stop him from breaking pigs and the oscilloscope shatters. In the scuffle, Norton's nose starts bleeding. When Mr. Pignati comes through the door to see his house trashed and packed with kids, John passes out.

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