Describe the parlor women, their views, and their conversational concerns.

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The parlor women gather at Montag's house to watch the walls --- or TV as they know it. However, Montag pulls the plug on their show. He asks them about the war.  When did they think it would start?  Where were their husbands?  Mrs. Phelps says that her husband,Pete, was called to war yesterday, but the war was only suppose to last 48 hours and then everyone would be home.  She says she isn't worried because she lets her husband do all the worrying. (pg 94) She has never known of any men killed in war. Besides, they have both been married three times and her husband told her that if he died, she should not cry and should get married again. She should not think of him anymore. She shows no concern for him at all.

While they were sitting there, they smoked.  They had "sun-fired hair" and "blazing fingernails" (pg 95)

Montag asks Mrs. Phelps about her children.  She declares that she doesn't have any.  "No one in his right mind, the good Lord knows, would have children" (pg 96)  Mrs. Bowles disagrees.  She has had two children by Caesarian section.  "The world must reproduce, you know" (pg 96)  She says she "plunks the children in school nine days out of ten.  I put up with them when they come home three days a month" (pg 96)  "They'd just as soon kick as kiss me.  thank God.  I can kick back!" (pg 96)

Mildred then suggests they talk politics to please Guy.  Mrs. Bowles said she voted for President Noble because he was good-looking.  They didn't like the man who ran against him because he was "Kind of small and homely and he didn't shave too close or comb his hair very well." (pg 97) They said that one man always picked him nose on TV.  When Montag challenged their knowledge of the two men, Mrs. Phelps asks "do you want us to vote for a man like that?" (pg 97)

Then Montag does the unthinkable and pulls out a book of poetry.  They all stood up, ready to leave, but he orders them to sit.  When he read the poem, Mrs. Phelps starts crying.  The others watched her, but no one touched her.  She doesn't know why she is crying.  Mrs. Bowles reprimands Montag and tells him that poetry evokes crying and awful feelings and calls Montag "nasty" (pg 101).

Montag then goes and burns the book.  Mrs. Bowles says "Silly words, silly words, silly awful hurting words..." (pg 101) and then leaves stating that she will never visit the Montag house again.

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