Describe Paraphilias, including any information you have on management and treatment

Expert Answers
crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A paraphilia is a sexual fixation to people, places, and/or things that are not typically viewed as sexual. It can manifest itself in ways that are deemed obscene [and consequently illegal, such as a sexual fixation with animals) and/or harmless (e.g., sexual fixation with cucumbers). Because there are hundreds of possible paraphilias classification is difficult, especially because many walk the line between an unusual interest and a paraphilia.

In many cases treatment isn't required if it's a harmless sexual perversion, but if the individual is experiencing distress as a result of their fixation or is worried about becoming, or is dangerous (e.g., pedophilia) there are several courses of treatment that can be pursued such as therapy, self-help, groups and medications that chemically eliminate or reduce sexual desire.

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