Describe Padmini (a character from Girish Karnad's play Hayavadana) as unconventional.

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Padmini is unconventional because she connects Kapila’s head to Devadatta’s body and does the same with Devadatta’s head by fixing it on Kapila’s body. She was doing this in an attempt to create the perfect man. It should be noted that although Kapila and Devadatta were very close friends, they were also quite different, especially with regard to the argument that the head is superior to the body. Kapila supports the notion that the body is more superior to the head since he is a wrestler, while Devadatta holds the opposite since he is a learned poet. Padmini and Kapila fall in love and make the situation complex because Padmini is Devadatta’s wife. It is after the death of both Devadatta and Kapila that she switches their heads and their bodies. The situation after the exchange brings about confusion in the bodies and eventually Kapila’s and Devadatta’s heads revert to their initial personalities, but with glaring differences. These changes end up in failure for Padmini, who attempted to create the perfect man, both physically fit and intellectually superior.


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