Describe one event in the novel that didn't take place in the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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As with the case of most novel-to-film adaptations, there are numerous scenes left out of the otherwise excellent film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Many characters are never introduced, including Aunt Alexandra, Dolphus Raymond, Uncle Jack, Cousin Francis, Miss Rachel (in the movie, Miss Stephanie becomes Dill's aunt), and the teachers Miss Caroline and Miss Gates. Important scenes from the novel that were left out of the film include:

  • The Missionary Circle. This was a crucial scene in Scout's development as a lady and in showing the depths of the women's hypocrisy concerning religion and racism.
  • Dolphus Raymond and the Coke-in-a-Sack.  Raymond is one of my favorite characters in the novel, but the director of the film must have decided that introducing this man would have not benefited the main plots concerning Boo and Tom's trial. It would have been a welcome humorous break from the otherwise emotionally charged trial.
  • Christmas at Finch Landing.  I sure would have liked to see Scout "split my knuckle to the bone" on Cousin Francis's front teeth. This scene would have also included the missing characters of Jack, Alexandra and Uncle Jimmy.
  • Mrs. Dubose.  Although there is a short scene with Mrs. Dubose, most of the final chapter of Part One is omitted.
  • First Purchase Church.  The beginning chapter of Part Two is also left out of the film.

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I think a big omission was the character of Aunt Alexandra, Atticus's sister. There were also many minor omissions like when the Finch children visit Calpurnia's church.