Describe one aspect of Commanding and its relationship with Coordinating.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The notion of commanding from a leadership perspective has to go hand in hand with coordination.  Certainly, I believe the question to be right in that the two comprise what leadership is.  There is that motivational and dynamic quality of commanding, but it is only supported and buttressed with the element of coordination.  Commanding is dependent on ensuring that people will be able to follow a particular leader.  This is not as likely if the leader is not coordinated enough to recognize particular directions towards success or the path that must be taken in order to achieve this.  I tend to think that commanding is the larger, macro vision that a leader has to have and coordinating is the smaller, micro steps needed to accomplish this element.  Workplace management needs both in order to be successful.  Leaders that lack the ability to coordinate lose credibility and effectiveness, causing organizations to doubt those in command.  It is through the coordination of daily and sometimes hourly realities in which commanding is at its most effective.  In both, successful leaders can be forged.