Describe the observations that Ponyboy makes just before the rumble starts.Thanks in advance to the person who can aid me in answering this question; Your help is most appreciated. :)

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I guess this depends on how long before the rumble starts you are talking about.  While they are still at Pony's house, he makes a bunch of observations about why each of them likes to fight.

But if you are talking about the moments immediately before the rumble starts, Pony makes two observations.

First, he says that, unlike the Brumly boys, his gang is not a bunch of real hoods or criminals. They are not as bad as those guys, but he realizes that they could end up becoming convicts like those guys if they aren't careful.

The other thing he observes is that the Socs look more respectable than the Greasers.  He thinks that this is why they people look down on the Greasers even though, to him, they are better people.  He concludes that "people usually go by looks."