Describe the number of obstacles that a leader has to face to become a man in this hostile world. Please tell me the answer as quickly as possible.

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There are 19 possible obstacles in this poem. 

1. People are blaming you about a situation

2. Others doubt you when you make a decision.

3. Impatience (Tired of waiting)

4. People lie about you.

5. People hate you.

6. Looking too good

7. Talking too wise

8.Letting dreams control your life

9. Letting thoughts become your aim in life.

10. Handling triumph and disaster.

11. Hearing things you have said twisted and untrue.

12. Seeing things you worked hard for broken and taken away.

13. Taking risks

14. Exhaustion and physical fatigue.

15. Peer pressure

16. Power

17. Friends or enemies trying to hurt you.  

18. People depending on you too much.

19 Giving your most every minute.


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