Describe Nora's character in A Doll's House with detail.explain nora's character with refrence to a doll's house

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In A Doll's House by Ibsen, Nora is the main character. The first opens with Nora humming. She is excited about Christmas and the shopping she has done. While Nora appears to be very happy, she is keeping up a facade. Nora is not truly happy. Even though she skips around and sings like a lark, she has a troubled life. She is carrying around secrets from her husband Torvald. She is a very caring wife who is totally devoted to her husband and children:

Nora is the "doll" wife of Torvald. She is sensitive, sensible, and completely unaware of her own worth until the last act of the play. She initially appears flighty and excitable. Nora is most concerned with charming her husband and being the perfect wife; she is also secretive and hides her thoughts and actions from her husband even when there is no real benefit in doing so.

In Torvald's presence, Nora seems to adore him. She caters to his every whim. She seems to worship Torvald and her children. When Torvald calls her nicknames, she does not seem to mind. She even does tricks for Torvald. She acts as a child or Torvald treats her as a child. She would do anything for Torvald's happiness. In fact, she puts herself in stress by borrowing money behind Torvald's back to save his life. This secret weighs Nora down. She is under tremendous pressure trying to find the money to pay back the loan. Keeping this secret from her husband puts a strain on Nora's marriage.

Truly, Nora pretends to be happy throughout the drama. It is not until the end of the play that Nora gets tired of keeping up the facade. By the end of the drama, Nora has played house long enough. She is tired of being Torvald's doll. She determines to leave
Torvald and her children. Torvald's reaction to the letter from Krogstad opens Nora's eyes. She realizes that Torvald cares more about his reputation than he does his own wife. Torvald yells at her and calls her scattered brained. This action causes Nora to see the truth. Torvald loves himself and his reputation more than he loves Nora. For this reason, she cannot stay. She walks out the door, leaving her husband and doll house behind.