My Antonia Questions and Answers
by Willa Cather

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In My Antonia, describe the nature of the relationship between Jim and Ántonia. In what ways do they form a special connection? How does this relationship change as the years go by?

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The nature of the relationship between Jim and Antonia reflects idealism and transcendence can exist in the interactions between human beings.  While time changes both Jim and Antonia, there is something profound about the connection between both.  Since Jim's coming of age is the focus of the narrative, the reader understands that Jim's connection to Antonia is something that changes over time, yet remains strong and intact as an indelible part of his identity.  While Antonia lives her own life, the distinct reality which emerges is that the beauty and passion that she exhibited towards life and Jim will never leave.  As time passes, the relationship between both acquires greater intensity and depth precisely because time has formed both of their identities.  In the end, the relationship between both speak to the transformation from the specific to the universal.

One way in which Jim and Antonia form a special connection is through their shared sense of Romanticism and what it...

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