The Merchant of Venice Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Describe the nature of Bassanio's relationship with Portia in Merchant of Venice. Does Bassanio genuinely love Portia or is he just after the money?

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Bassanio presents his courtship of Portia to Antonio as a business venture. He says that he has "disabled" his estate and is now much in debt, to Antonio most of all, with very little income. He then announces his plan to restore his fallen fortunes:

In Belmont is a lady richly left;
And she is fair, and, fairer than that word,
Of wondrous virtues: sometimes from her eyes
I did receive fair speechless messages...

From these four lines, we learn four things about Portia: she is rich, she is beautiful, she is virtuous and she seems to favor Bassanio, at least according to him. Her wealth is mentioned first, however. She is not merely from a rich family, but richly left, which is to say in control of her own money. Portia is in a position to disencumber Bassanio's estate and pay off his debts immediately if he can manage to marry her.

Bassanio does speak enthusiastically of all Portia's qualities. It is a reasonable supposition that he would not have targeted a rich but unattractive and unappealing...

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kc4u | Student

The relationship between Portia and Bassanio is apparently a stainless romantic relationship in Shakespeare's romantic comedy The Merchant of Venice. But, if one looks closely, there appears to be some scars in it. Critics have also suggested a possible homoerotic communion between Bassanio and Antonio. Does Antonio want to marry Portia for her wealth or is it just a sublime love at first sight situation? The three caskets scene creates an anti-materialistic context for the kind of love he has for Portia, but then, is it not his cunning judgement and a mere display of self-effacing love?

Bassanio also gives Portia's ring to Portia in disguise of the lawyer. Thus, their relation seems to commence on a betrayal, as it were. Looking at it from Portia's side, it is not a neutral relation either. Cunning has a greater role to play in her relation than passion and emotion. The way she makes Bassanio financially dependent, accepting the opportunity of clearing Antonio's debts gleefully, shows her great intelligence. She turns the situation on its head and assumes all power on her own. Even in the courtroom scene, she normativizes the Christian virtue of mercy as a universal human virtue to exclude the Jew. The letter of the law is what she resorts to than the spirit of the law as she dupes Shylock through his own language by literalizing the language of the pact. Some critics also feel, she does all this to show her power over Antonio, in the process estranging the two males. so, as one can see, the Portia-Bassanio relation is strongly driven by self-interest and hidden power-games.

pragathi | Student

 Actually once bassanio visited Belmount when portia's father was alive ,there he saw portia and fell in love with her .He actually felt as though portia also conyed her agreement though her eyes .As some people say they conyed their love through their eyes.They wanted their relationship to last so they promised @the time of their marriage that if they part with the wedding ring they should also part their love also.

Although both of them were willing to marry each other there were some conditions for them to follow.1st bassanio had to go to belmount and choose the right casket ,for this he had to get /borrow some ducats from antonio as he did not have it it was borrowed from shylock. And don't FORGET the suitor who came to propose portia had to choose the right casket ;in case he chooses the wrong one he is banned to ask any other woman for her hand in marriage.  and they had a problem after the their marriage i think you know it. like this they had many problems