Describe the narrator of Mosquito Coast in chapters 1-3.

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It seems quite clear that the quality that stands out most about Charlie Fox, Allie's teenage son, is his unquestioning devotion to his father and the way that he looks up to him, almost idolising him in the way he acts towards him. Whilst this changes in the later chapters of this novel, the initial chapters present us with Charlie's god-like devotion of his father. He does not argue against Allie when he tells them that they are leaving America to voyage to Honduras and he even accepts Allie's statement that the US is being destroyed without arguing against it or even doubting it for one moment.

Thus what stands out about Charlie in the first three chapters of this novel is his unquestioning loyalty and obedience to his father's ideas and words. This is a perfect start to this novel which focuses on how Charlie matures and gradually comes to resist and question his father, because at the start he is so devoted to him and his ideas.


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