Describe Mrs. Boyle in The Mousetrap.

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In Agatha Christie's murder mystery play The Mousetrap, Mrs. Boyle is one of the guests at Monkswell Manor, an old home newly-refurbished as a guest house. Mrs. Boyle is a pompous, pretentious, middle-aged woman who complains constantly and who looks down at the world around her with displeasure and disdain.

Mrs. Boyle is described at her entrance as "a large, imposing woman in a very bad temper." She enters the play already complaining that no one from the Manor came to meet her at the train station, that the taxi driver wouldn't come up to the Manor because the snow hadn't been cleared from the driveway, and that she's displeased that Mollie Ralston, owner of the Manor, seems very young and inexperienced. She says, "To be running an establishment of this kind. You can't have had much experience."

Throughout the first act, Mrs. Boyle continues complaining and making caustic, disapproving remarks about everyone and everything, including the weather, the paint, the lack of servants and a...

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