Describe Mr. Braithwaite's first day of school in To Sir, With Love.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Braithwaite's first day of school reflects the difficulty in the journey of teaching and learning.  In many ways, it is typical of most first year teachers' first days.  There is little in way of control of the students, Braithwaite lacks confidence and a sense of direction with the students.  He fails to get through to them in terms of casting any impression of strength and coherency with them.  For their part, the students are unruly, demonstrating that their own relationships and their loves are more important than Braithwaite's desire to teach them.  On another level, Braithwaite's first day reflects his overall fear and concern with whether or not he has made the right choice in being a teacher, in the first place. There is much in way of hesitation and fear present in everything about Braithwaite, and this comes out in his first day.  At the same way, Braithwaite struggles to find anyone in way of professional relationships that can validate that he made the right choice and decision to enter teaching.  Braithwaite's first day is a collection of events that make it a "perfect storm" of challenge and uncertainty in both he, his choice to become a teacher, the students, and the professional community around him.

crazynitin1998 | Student

pt sesion-Their gym teacher, Mr. Bell (Dervis Ward), insists that 'Fats' Buckley (Roger Shepherd) participate in vaulting, despite his classmates' objections. The vault collapses under Buckley's weight, and Potter (Christopher Chittell) threatens Bell with the vault's broken leg. Thackeray is called to defuse the situation. In class, he demands that Potter should apologise for the incident, pointing out that if a knife or gun was available, things could have been much worse. Potter only agrees when Denham points out that Bell will press criminal charges if he doesn't apologise, and that Potter will need Thackeray's recommendation for a job interview when school ends

anujvarada | Student

bxing match-In gym, Denham insists they have a boxing class, beginning with him and Thackeray. Thackeray reluctantly agrees. Despite getting in some early blows, Denham is disabled when Thackeray knocks the wind out of him. Thackeray draws back his fist to hit Denham again but gains control of his emotions and declares the fight over. Afterward, Denham waits to speak with Thackeray in the stairwell. Although Denham admits he was trying to hurt Thackeray in order to convince him to resign from teaching, Denham is surprised that Thackeray did not capitalize on his advantage. For his part, Thackeray admits that he lost his temper, but that he understands the apparent unfairness of some of his decisions. Thackary then offers Denham a position as a boxing instructor to the younger students next term. Surprised that he would be regarded as a potential teacher, Denham nevertheless promises to consider it. Denham is clearly impressed, and expresses his admiration for Thackeray to his fellow students. By winning Denham over, Thackeray wins back the respect of the rest of the class, too. He is invited to the class dance, and when he shows up at the Seales funeral, is greeted by the entire class, who have come to pay their respects.