Describe Miss Thomas in the novel Bud, Not Buddy.

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Miss Thomas is a singer with a beautiful voice in Herman E. Calloway's band. Bud is introduced to Miss Thomas in Chapter 14, and he comments on her impeccable nine diamond rings. Miss Thomas is a glamorous, beautiful individual who shows interest in Bud. She is a kind woman who compliments Bud on his manners, and orders his meal for him at the Sweet Pea. Miss Thomas is also a compassionate, determined woman. She graciously supports Bud by allowing him to stay with them at Grand Calloway Station, despite Herman's opposition. In Chapter 16, Bud wakes up to find his clothes in a neat pile next to his bed. He surmises that Miss Thomas must have come into his room during the night and changed his clothes. This shows that Miss Thomas is a nurturing woman who truly cares about Bud. When she finds out that Bud's mother passed away and that Herman is actually Bud's grandfather, she explains to Bud that he needs to be patient with Herman because Herman has just found out that his daughter died. This shows that Miss Thomas is also an understanding individual.

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