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wmche001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you have ever read The Great Gatsby or even seen the film that was released a few years ago you can see that Ms. Jones is very similar to Daisy Buchanan. They both seem to be well off, magnetic to men and have no regard for anyone but themselves.

The first and most important trait of Judy Jones is her aura.  Judy Jones is beautiful but there is something more to her that men cannot get enough of (even if they know interactions with her will not end well).  For example, in the fourth episode numerous men are involved with her despite the fact many know that she will drop them as soon as she is bored.  This also causes Jones to behave with no regard for anyone else because she knows men love her.  In the second episode, Jones strikes one of Dexter's playing partners while playing golf and hardly even acknowledges this action as she moves past them.

The next thing that is important to understand about Jones is that she has a short attention span.  She shows her interest towards men in a very nonchalant manner, courts them and then moves on after a month or so.  Men like Dexter seem to know this but being with Jones is kind of like the calm before the storm.  The time with Jones is magical (Dexter goes so far as to say that leaving his finance for the month with Judy Jones was worth the heartache) but there is a trail of destruction afterwards.