Describe Melanie's character in "The Egypt Game".

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Melanie, who is eleven years old, is outgoing and friendly.  She interacts frequently with her neighbors in the apartment building in which she lives, and "looks forward to meeting new tenants".   Because of her bubbly nature, "meeting people (has) always been easy for Melanie...most people she liked right away, and they usually seemed to feel the same way about her".

Melanie is also sensitive and thoughtful, and considerate of the feelings of others.  When she first meets April, April is dressed up as a sophisticated lady, with false eyelashes and a furry stole.  April doesn't expect Melanie to like her, but she does "intend to make a very definite impression", and she is a  more than a little "braggy".  Melanie quickly perceives that April behaves the way she does because she is homesick, however, and does her best to make her feel comfortable and accepted.

Melanie loves to read; she has "a whole bookcase full" of books in her bedroom, and she is also imaginative.  She has created a game for herself where she makes up families and then finds "people who look like them in magazines and catalogues".  She then "make(s) up stuff about their personalities and what they do".  Sometimes she writes the escapades of her imaginary characters down as stories, but mostly she just plays out their adventures in her head (Chapter 3).

Melinie is a african american girl who is not rich