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Describe Marxism after 1848. What events occurred after this date relating to his theory?

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Marxism has its roots from the beliefs laid down by Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) in their Communist Manifesto (1848). The political theories they proposed took hold after the Russian Revolution of 1917, after which Vladimir Lenin took control. Governments based on Marxism (as well as Communism) flourished during the 20th century.


  • 1848 - Marx and Engels release the Communist Manifesto.
  • 1849 - A large French demonstration occurs on June 13 organized by the Montagne party concerning the infringement of Proletariat rights.
  • 1864 - The International Working Men's Association is formed on January 1 in London. Marx was a co-founder of the organization, which hoped to unite political parties and worker's unions.
  • 1867 - Marx releases Das Kapital on October 12; the book gives a more thorough look at his views, especially on revolution.
  • 1886 - The Haymarket Massacre takes place on May 4 in Chicago when police open fire on protesters. It serves as a basis for the future May Day (Labor Day) holiday observed throughout the world on May 1.
  • 1917 - Lenin takes power in Russia--the first Marxist to lead a nation.
  • 1924 - Joseph Stalin becomes Russia's leader following the death of Lenin.
  • 1949 - Chairman Mao takes control of China, initiating his beliefs that come to be known as Maoism, an offshoot of Marxism. 
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