Describe the manner in which Romeo and Juliet face their deaths.

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In Act V of “Romeo and Juliet” the two lovers finally end their troubles when they both commit suicide.  The Friar and Juliet have devised a plan in which Juliet will take a potion that will make her seem to be dead for 42 hours.  When her family finds her they think that she is dead and “bury” her in her family mausoleum.  Once there, the plan is that she will wake up and the Friar will take her to Romeo.  But, Romeo finds out that she died, even though she didn’t, and goes to see her in Verona.  On his way there he stops at an apothecary and buys poison although it was illegal for the apothecary to sell it to him, goes to Juliet’s tomb, meets and kills Paris on the way, and then while standing over Juliet’s “dead” body he takes the poison and dies.  Juliet wakes up minutes later and finds Romeo dead next to her.  She then takes his dagger and ends her life by stabbing herself with it.  Both Romeo and Juliet may seem to be acting responsibly by taking matters into their own hands once they realize that everything that they planned has gone wrong but in actuality they took the cowardly way out by committing suicide instead of facing their problems like the adults that they thought they were. 

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