Describe the man that meets George and Lennie at the bunkhouse.

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George and Lennie meet several ranch hands at the bunkhouse. They meet Candy, an old man with a disabled hand and an old dog, and Crooks, a black man. All of the farm hands are representative of the migrant workers going from ranch to ranch to earn a living during the Great Depression.  They are lonely men without family or purpose.  They are escaping their previous lives and are just trying to survive the difficult times.  All of the men working on the ranch find George and Lennie’s relationship a little suspicious, as usually these men are loners wandering from job to job. They question George about Lennie’s “problems” and if George takes his pay.  Curley even accuses George of having a sexual relationship with Lennie. Slim sees their relationship as two men just looking out for each other in the harsh world in which they live.

All of the men George and Lennie meet at the ranch give us insight into the life of the migrant “hobo” searching and seeking a place to survive during the Depression. 

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He's an old man who is accompanied by an equally old dog. He loves his dog, but has a hesitant manner. Ever since his hand was crippled, he thinks of himself as less than fully a man, and thinks the other men do too. He pokes at them verbally a bit, trying to get them to tear down Curley and his wife. He moves slowly, and is easy browbeaten.

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