Describe Mama's motivations, interaction with others, description(physically,emotionally & mentally) & her journey throughout the novelDetails please...if you can

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Lena Younger's motivation in A Raisin in the Sun revolves largely around the dreams that her deceased husband once had for their family.  Throughout the play, she references Walter, Sr. and the hard life that he had while he was working.  Lena recalls times when her husband would come home feeling defeated, yet he saw hope in their children.  This sense of hope drives Lena to provide for her family so that they can strive for the dreams that her husband never had the chance to attain. 

Hansberry characterizes Lena as a voice of reason throughout the play--Lena challenges her children to see the alternatives.  For example, even though Walter Lee makes the devasting mistake of losing most of the family's money, Lena tells Bennie that she should still love her brother because people most need love when they are down.

Lena nearly lets this drive to protect her children take over her when she considers going back on the purchase of the house in Clybourne Park.  Ruth, however, encourages her to stick to her dreams, and in the end they all move on to a better place.

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