What are the major functions to perform as a supervisor?

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The four main functions of a supervisor are planning, organizing, leading, controlling. To understand the role of supervisor, it is first critical to understand that supervisor duties are distinctly different from manger duties. If there is an overlap between these distinct duties, the organization can suffer in efficiency, cost and productivity.

Supervisors plan goals and the steps needed to meet them. Steps toward goal fulfillment must be measurable or observable to facilitate productive progress and to evaluate rate and success of progress.

Supervisors organize the processes and working groups or teams through which goals will be met. This includes allocation of resources, staffing and scheduling.

Supervisors lead by providing the motivation and inspiration to work effectively toward the goal and the individual objectives for reaching the goal.

Supervisors control by understanding the corporate process they work in and by insuring that all parts of a project or work routine are functioning in keeping with the corporate process they are part of with little deviation from the organizational agenda.

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