Describe major factors related to individual differences that affect job performance. Include factors of mental ability and personality traitsThis is a applied psychoogy class

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Try using this analogy to get a handle on the question. Think of it like a pair of shoes. Your shoes not only have to fit your feet, they have to be suitable for the purpose for which they are attended, and they have to fall within your price range. Working in a job such as the tax or accounting professions will take intense focus and attention to detail. There will not be a lot of variety. If you like structure, organization, and comfortable habits, this might be a good field for you to enter. Depending upon your client base (including the number of clients) these types of professions might pay well. If you like unpredictability, interacting with others, flexibility in daily routine, teaching might be a profession for you. These factors would need to be more important to you than fiinancial gain as teaching is not a well paid job considering the hours invested in the commitment. Find a job that meets the majority of your needs, and understand as you grow and mature, your career choices might change. Studies show the average person will have 7(?) different careers in his or her lifetime.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The job performance of individuals depends on many different characteristics of the individual. These characteristics have been classified by different experts in different ways. Further, the the actual nature of requirements and their importance varies for the kind of job. For example, for a person employed in a non-skilled hard manual labour job, the abilities relating to physical strength and endurance are much important than for the job of an accountant. On the other hand mental abilities required in designer of a complicated process plant is much more than that required for a hard manual labour job.

However, the various individual traits or requirement influencing a person may be qualified in the following categories.

  • Physical abilities: These include general traits such as strength and physical endurance as well a special requirements like minimum height or vision.
  • Mental abilities: Like physical ability, it may relate to general intelligence, or specific requirements like special problem solving skills.
  • Acquired work related knowledge and skills: These will be closely related to the nature of work
  • Interpersonal skills: This relates to the ability of person to obtain cooperation of others and work effectively as a group member.
  • Self motivation and skills: While organizations and managers use various techniques to motivate employees to work towards achievement of the organizational goal, the individuals also differ in their willingness and ability get subordinate their personal needs and preferences in the interest of the overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Initiative: This refers to the degree to which the individual just reacts to the circumstances or takes positive action spot and use opportunities for improvement.
  • Innovative ability: this refers to the ability act creatively to solve problems and create new innovative products and methods.
  • Leadership qualities.: This refers to the ability of the person to direct the energies and efforts of a group of people towards achievement of desired objectives.