Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

Lord of the Flies book cover
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Describe the major characters in Lord of the Flies: Ralph, Piggy, and Jack.

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Ralph appears from the beginning to be fitted out as a leader. He is good-looking, athletic, charismatic, and perhaps most importantly, he has a sense of responsibility and organization. He realises right away the need to create order on the island. At first the other boys generally rally to him. However, although he is level-headed himself, he shows himself progressively unable to control outbreaks of emotion among the boys: fear, and ultimately anger and violence. In the end he is not really equal to the task of keeping order and stability on  the island, as more and more boys decamp to Jack 's side. He is left alone by the end, and hunted down by Jack's group. In spite...

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