Describe the main setting of the novel. Explain the effect of the setting on the character.Think about expectations/beliefs of the society and how these affect the main character

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Other settings to consider include Auchwitz or Buchenwald. These are concentration camp locations that left significant marks on the main character's physical and emotional states. Upon pulling into the first one, Eliezer recalls the woman's constant references to the great fire images she was imagining because a great fire burns with a stench that is entirely distinguishable: human flesh. I cannot think of a more impressionable aspect of setting that would impact the author. This was disgusting and nauseating. To consider what was happening to the humanity around him considerably hurt, but prior to their arrival, the thought of the war and the Jewish removal felt surreal.

Part of his belief system was not to fight back. This felt counter-human to him, but he went along with what he was told and did not fight at that point.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several settings in the narrative.  I would say that the primary one could be seen as Sighet.  Not only is it where the start of the narrative takes place, but it represents the moment in time where Eliezer is the happiest and most associated with the elements that help to provide meaning in his life.  His social world, his religious and spiritual identities, as well as his familial connections are all present in Sighet.  Eliezer's life is relatively settled in Sighet.  It also represents the moment where coherency is present.  This setting becomes a figment as the narrative unfolds.  From a position of starting, it becomes a setting of that which has passed and never to return.  In this light, the town of Sighet becomes a realm where the reader, and Eliezer, wish what is could be what was.