The Tenant of Wildfell Hall Questions and Answers
by Anne Brontë

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Describe the two main characters of Anne Brontë's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. What kind of people are they?

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The two main characters, Helen, the heroine, and Gilbert, the narrator, are in some ways very different. Gilbert is a farmer (though he doesn't want to be) in a town in England's countryside, while Helen is niece to and wife of wealthy estate owners in a different part of England. Helen paints and has Romantic notions of the power of love and goodness. Gilbert is handsome, with a temper, and a village flirt. Both love literature. Helen is devoted mother, while Gilbert is generous of heart as is seen when he rescues little Arthur from a dangerous fall. Helen is courageous as is shown by her secret flight away from her husband, Huntingdon, while Gilbert is courageous in his own way, though it looks more like headstrong in his peaceable circumstances.

Helen and Gilbert share the trait of arrogance in common. Gilbert's arrogance leads him make a hasty negative judgement of Helen at the beginning of their acquaintance and later leads him to violence against Lawrence (Helen's brother), who he...

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