Describe main characters in Miss Hickory, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.  

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There are several main characters in Miss Hickory, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey.

The first is Miss Hickory. She is a doll made from an apple twig, with the head of a nut. She is difficult to get along with—very stubborn—though she is trying hard to change this about herself. She can be critical, quick to find fault with others. However, she can be helpful to others as well, and Miss Hickory is orderly and neat.

Squirrel, of course, is a character mostly interested in collecting nuts for the winter (and not surprisingly, with the head of a hickory nut, Miss Hickory does not feel to safe around him). He is selfish and irresponsible. He is, overall, easier to get along with than Miss Hickory.

Crow appears to be a creature of knowledge and persuasion. It is he who is able to get Miss Hickory to try something new when no one else is successful. He is a problem-solver and respectful. Crow also has experience of the world. He is patient, gives good advice, and is a true friend.

Mr. T. Willard-Brown is a cat: in fact, he is the a cat cliche.  He is friendly when he wants to be, but totally disinterested when it suits him. He is something of a friend to Miss Hickory, but he has a cavalier attitude, and does not worry overmuch about others. Though he offers advice, he really doesn't care if one take it or not. In the story, he provides suggestions to help Miss Hickory make the changes she wants to see in herself. However, in terms of caring individuals, Crow is the better friend.

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