Fathers and Sons Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

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Describe the character of Nick in "Fathers and Sons."

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This story gives us a kind of stream-of-consciousness interior monologue from the perspective of Nick Adams as he drives through America with his son next to him. Nick is a hunter, who is on his way to hunt quail. This skill has been taught to him by his father. Clearly Nick has a complex relationship with his dead father, and this is something that is referred to again and again throughout the story as even Nick's son asks about his relationship with him and suggests that they go and visit his grandfather's burial space.

At one point, as Nick drives along the highway, he realises that night is falling. This makes him try to forget about his father because he always endeavours to make the end of the day a time for him alone:

The end of the day had always belonged to Nick alone, and he never felt right unless he was alone at it.

However, in spite of this, Nick reflects that the memory of his father returns to him especialy in the fall. The character of Nick as shown to us in this story is one that is curiously caught up in the memory of his father as he thinks about his life and his own identity and who he is today.


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