Describe the main characters in the book "Little House in the Big Woods".

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The main characters in the book "Little House in the Big Woods" are the narrator, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and her family. Laura, from whose point of view the story is told, is five years old at the time the events recounted take place.  She is an observant, engergetic child who tries to "be good", but often is frustrated by her natural inclination to be impatient and naughty.  Laura is a very "real" personality, a child it is easy for readers to identify with.

Laura's father, affectionately called "Pa", is strong, capable and dependable.  He takes care of the planting and harvesting on the farm, hunts and traps, and sells furs to purchase staples for the family.  Father is a good provider, and gives the family a sense of safety and security.  He can also be light-hearted and fun-loving; he enjoys playing the fiddle, and the children look forward to his roughhousing and stories at night.

Laura's mother, called "Ma", is a pretty woman, "positive, firm, and versatile".  She adeptly takes care of the household, making sure the girls do their chores and instilling in them strong values and ethics.  Ma is cultured and likes things to look nice; she is strong woman, loving and capable.

Laura has two sisters, Mary and Baby Carrie.  Little is said in the story about Carrie, but Mary, who is the eldest, is obedient and pretty, and in many ways the opposite of Laura. 

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