Describe the main characteristics of metaphysical poetry with special reference to Donne's Good Morrow.

mizradane | Student

*The use of metaphyisical cconceits, i.e. a far-fetched and ingenious extended comparison which is very original and logical.

*I deas often presented as a logical and persuasive argument. Usually there is an argument with the poet's lover, with god or with himself.

*Use of learning intellct and philosophy: Metaphysical poets played with thought as the Elizabethans had played with words.

*The poems are often based on personal experiences or moments in life.

*Use of colloquial , everyday speech  instead of conventional poetic diction.

*Abrupt and dramatic openings.

*Rugged meter ( not sweet and musical) to convey their attitude and purpose.

*Conventional themes handled unconventionally: love, with its physical and sexual aspects, the union of souls, and religious devotion.

*Metaphors created from all spheres of life and learning.

*Some psychological analysis.


*Bold and innovative in the selection of subject matter and int he use of new knowledge and learning.