Describe the main character(Eliezer). Give specific examples from the book to explain three dominate character traits that this character posses.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There can be many answers to this question.  I think that the answer varies because we see different versions of Eliezer throughout the narrative.  We can say that one essential trait of Eliezer is that he changes over time.  From being one who believed in God, his experiences in the various concentration/ death camps change his opinions on spirituality and the presence of a redemptive power.  Additionally, I would say that Eliezer displays a conflicting relationship with his father.  On one hand, he seeks to be a good son, but also fights with the challenges of remaining loyal to him even if it comes at his own cost of survival.  We see several moments where Eliezer expresses dismay at having such thoughts, revealing an inner sense of conflict within him.   With this as a starting point, the analysis of Eliezer's character reveals powerful truths about the Holocaust and those who had to experience it.