Describe the love story of Rosalind and Orlando.

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The main theme of a romantic comedy is love where a beautiful and charismatic heroine is the main turner of events and the love affair though does not run smooth still ends in marriage, overcoming all difficulties.

Orlando and Rosalind fall in love with each other at first sight. Orlando’s love for Rosalind is stylized on Petrarchan tradition, where there is a class difference between lover and the beloved and the lover never aspires to reach the beloved though he continues to love her from affair. He manifests his love in form of poems and celebrates the beloved in verses. Orlando. writes and hangs his poems in the Forest of Arden but never dares to go to Rosalind to confess his love for her. Rosalind finds the verses and after a series of mock courtships, their relationship culminates in marriage. Interestingly he does not hesitate to talk about his love to Ganymede (disguised Rosalind) Through out the play, Orlando’s passion for Rosalind weights so heavily on his tongue that he never manages to declare his love to Rosalind and pines for her. However he readily declares his love for her to the whole world through his poems.

In this drama ‘As You like It’ Orlando gets Rosalind as Rosalind of their love is incidental as they both by chance land up in the Forest of Arden. Throughout the play Shakespeare is mocking the notion of Petrachan love

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