The New England Colonies

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Describe life in the New England colonies.

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The New England colonies included Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Puritans with varying degrees of religious intensity dispersed in the region and inhabited the various colonies. The activities and lifestyle of New England’s colonies can be easily tied to the geography and climate of the region. With lots of access to the coast, the region relied heavily on fishing, shipbuilding, and other naval-based activities.

Due to poor (rocky) soil conditions, farming was not easily done. Additionally, the moderate summers and cold winters didn’t favor actually attaining high yields. Therefore, since the farming industry wasn’t profitable, they focused their energies on industries related to the plentiful water resources and those that were indoors, such as the work of artisans, tradespeople, and shopkeepers.

Civil society was also an integral part of daily life. From village events to religious events, colonists were actively engaged and participating alongside their neighbors in day-to-day life. Life in the colonies revolved around church activities and events as well as meetings and other civic gatherings, which contributed to modern-day democracy.

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