Describe the life of Anne Frank's family in the secret annex?

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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator
They are hidden away from the outside world, and depend on others for supplies and news. The close quarters of so many people in such a small space, plus the need to maintain quiet during the day, grates on their nerves.These unusual circumstances are coupled with the normal occurences of life, like Anne's adolescent frustrations with her mother, and her developing sexuality. Anne tries to occupy her mind with her studies, and of course, with writing in her journal. There is a lack of privacy, as well. The group is aware of how precarious their situation is, and that helplessness is evident when the break-ins occur, and they realize that there is not much that they could do to stop it.
eric060600 | Student

Imagine you are stuck in a cramped space, living with eight people. Afterall, the Secret Annex is very small. During th eday you weren't allowed to use the lavratory and you had to be silent all the time. Parts of the book, Anne talks about her death because she is stuck in a room. At least she has Peter and her family.

ilovesomeone | Student
I thin her life was miserable i am a seventh grade her age when she went into the annex and i can't imagine being in her place. And after being in the annex she was bald naked (most of the time) and split apart from her parents. i feel like i shouldve died instead of her her diary entries are amazing, and incredibly sad. I think that we should all take a good deep breath and try to STOP descrimination
olanri13 | Student
the life of anne frank was great at first. She went to a good school and had many friends. Until the relocating of the Jews forced her and her family and another family- the VanDaan's- and 1 man to go into hiding in a building that was behind the office her father Otto Frank worked at. This building is known as the Secret Annex, and from there they lived silently for 2 long years with only 1 woman and 1 man helping them with there personal needs. Anne was a girl who loved to play and be outside so it was hard for her to not go outside and stay quiet for years...Also there was no privacy at all.
pfree | Student

The are excluded from the rest of the world becasue they are hiding. They have no news are resources but from the people who are hiding them. They have quite a few people in such a small space plus they have to be very quiet can make their nerves go bad sometimes. Such as Anne and her mother edith they have some arguments because anne is a growing girl and is trying to find herself in the changing postion and she does find sexaulity. Anne tries to get her mind off of some onf the frustiration by writing in her diary.

angelbabe101996 | Student

i think her life was miserable because she was in hiding most of her life i also think she was distracted from the horror because her famous diary and writing in it to colect her anger

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