Describe Laudato Si.

Laudato Si is an encyclical letter writen by Pope Francis which asks us all to treat Planet Earth better. It looks at the ways in which the relationship between mankind and our planet has broken down, and how these issues can be resolved.

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Laudato Si is an encyclical letter written by Pope Francis. An encyclical is a papal letter sent to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, and this particular one deals specifically with how we are treating our home: Planet Earth.

This encyclical is more than a call to action to save the planet and our environment. It is also an examination of the philosophical, theological and cultural reasons for the breakdown in the relationship between man and nature. It is a highly unusual cyclical in that rather than being addressed to the bishops of the church or the lay faithful, it is addressed to everyone.

The pope uses this message to exhort all of mankind to think about the ways in which we are shaping the future of our planet. It provides a challenge and a call not only to believers, but to every human being, to change the attitude that we have collectively adopted of thinking that we are the masters of our planet, rather than mere residents.

The encyclical deals with a wide range of issues facing our society today, including overpopulation, genetically modified food, the effects of social media on our culture, and the effects of modern-day politics.

The pope concludes by reminding us that hope is not lost and that we are capable of turning this dire situation around.

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