Describe Lakunle's initial response when he hears that Sidi has been seduced? 

Describe Lakunle's initial response when he hears that Sidi has been seduced?


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At the end of the play, Sidi runs onto the stage and throws herself to the ground while Lakunle is arguing with Sadiku. Both Sadiku and Lakunle are concerned about Sidi and ask her what happened. When Sidi tells them to leave her alone, Lakunle thinks that Baroka has beat her and begins to curse the Bale. He initially threatens to kill Baroka, but then says that he will report him to the authorities. Sidi then calls Sadiku a fool and admits that Baroka has taken her virginity. Upon hearing that Sidi is no longer a maid, Lakunle says, "The Lord forbid!" (Soyinka 59). He then proceeds to curse the heavens and wish that he was dead. Lakunle acts like he is in agony until he realizes that Sidi's situation can work to his benefit. He then selfishly tells Sidi that he will still marry her, under the condition that he will not have to pay the bride-price. Lakunle uses the traditional custom that he was opposed to throughout the entire play to work to his advantage. His true intentions are revealed, and Lakunle is viewed as an insincere, advantageous individual. 

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