Describe the key features of the Hungarian uprising  in 1956

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Basically, this uprising happened because the people of Hungary were unhappy with the communist government that was running their country.  They were especially unhappy with the fact that the Soviet Union was basically telling their country what to do.  They wanted more freedom for their country to act independently of the Soviet Union.

The Hungarians felt that they actually had a chance to get more freedom.  This was because the USSR was going through a period of deStalinzation after Stalin's death.  It appeared that the Russians were going to be more open and do less to try to control other countries.

The Hungarian rebels were really fairly unorganized militias.  They rose up and started fighting against the government's forces.  It might have had a chance of success except for the fact that the USSR decided to send its army into Hungary to crush the rebellion.

In the aftermath of the rebellion, the Soviet Union's power over all of Eastern Europe was no longer questioned--all communist countries would pretty much be forced to do what the USSR told them to do.

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