describe katniss in 3 words before and after the hunger games. explain reson behind each part.

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning, Katniss is:

1. Adventurous:  She hunts in an area in which "poaching carries the severest of penalties".  Others hunt but they do not venture as far into the woods as Katniss does.  She hunts with a bow which is a forbidden weapon.

2. Responsible: She is the only person supplying her family with food and the necessary goods needed for her mother to run their pharmacy.  Her father is dead, and she has taken on that role. She exchanges herself for Prim when Prim's name is called during the Reaping.

3. Trusting:  She allows the government to lead her in any direction it chooses.  She listens to Haymitch, and she does not understand what is happening, so she easily goes along with it .

After the Hunger Games, she is:

1. Aware: She realizes that people do what they do because they "have no choice" (348).  She also realized that "I am the instigator. I am the one to be punished." (pg 364).  She understands that the Capitol manipulates everything.

2. Cunning: she realizes "now the Capitol will act as if they've been in control th whole time..... But that will only work if I play along with them." (pg358).  She pretends to be in love with Peeta so that they will think that was her motivation for almost swallowing the berries.

3. Confused:  She doesn't know how she feels about Peeta.  "The closer to District Twelve, the more confused I get." (pg 372).  She doesn't know how things are with Gale. She cannot believe that he can love her after what they have been through in the Games.